Our members

Our members

London Green Wood has about 40 coop members. Some of them are green woodwork tutors, some are makers, and most just make for themselves and for the joy of it. Below are a few of our members and the work they make.

Occasionally members take on commissions. If you would like to commission a piece of work please contact us with as much detail as you can provide, including your timeframe and budget. Please be aware that members are more likely to take on one-off projects than ongoing piece work, and that handmade work is more expensive than factory produced or imported options.

Jo Clarke
Founding member and tutor of London Green Wood. Also supports other social enterprises to develop their organisation.

Petite Brindille ” Tiny Twig ”
Unique pieces hand carved with a simple knife using locally salvaged branches. Work available in our online shop.

Dave Evers
Turned bowls, plates and handcarved spoons. Work available in our online shop.

Spencer Martin
Maker of treen of all scales, from benches to buttons. Available for commissions (both electric and pole lathe). Work available in our online shop.

Samuel Alexander
Handcarved spoons and small vessels. Blog and online shop samuelalexandershapes.uk/

Ben Pitt
Individually hand carved wooden produce. Everything is unique and designed to be beautiful and practical. Etsy shop. Spoons and spatulas on sale at Know & Love (online and in store at Stoke Newington Chuch Street).

Richard Roberts
Handcarved spoons, bowls and cups. R2wood.co.uk and Etsy shop.