Frequently asked questions

When the workshop is busy we’re not available to answer emails immediately, you might find your answer here instead.

  • How do I get green wood?

During each national lockdown we gave away green wood to keep people busy with their hands at home. Outside of lockdown we give away bits of spoon carving wood for a donation to the workshop on our usual workshop days (Wed.- Fri. before 5pm and the first weekend of each month 1-2pm). If you are not local we recommend you make friends with your local tree surgeon.

  • Do you offer concessionary rates on courses?

Yes, we offer low income and unwaged rates on many of our courses. This is a trust based system, we do not require proof or even an explanation of the rate you choose, these discounts are there for those who need them.

Please contact us for information on how to book a concessionary place on a course. Let us know what course you want to join, your preferred date and which concession applies. Please note that there is only one concessionary space available on each course, and if that has been taken already you will be asked to choose another date.

We also run projects with other community groups, depending on funding these are free or very cheap to join. See if you are eligble to join any of our current projects.

  • I am booked on a course, is it going ahead?

Yes, you will receive a reminder 3 days before your course. If you haven’t received this please check your spam.

We reopened at the end of the most recent national lockdown. We are following guidelines for organised outdoor activities, unless there are future lockdowns we expect to stay open and for all courses to run. If there are changes to government guidance we will contact you as soon as we know. Read more about our covid safety measures.

If you were booked on a course that was rescheduled because of previous national lockdowns you will have been emailed directly in March with information about your new date. Please be aware that we have different summer and winter hours, so the times may also differ from your original booking.

  • Can I change my booking?

You can cancel or reschedule your booking for any reason up to 7 days in advance of the course. However, the more notice you can give us the better so that we can offer your space to someone else.

If you have been advised to isolate due to covid-19 please do not come on the course, let us know as soon as you do and we will reschedule your place. Other than for covid-19, last minute reschedules are only available in exceptional circumstances, and you must inform us before the course.

  • It’s raining, is the course going ahead?

I’m afraid so, please come prepared. We have tarps to put up, so even if it’s torrential we’lll try to keep you dryish. We work outdoors in all weathers and willl only cancel courses in the event of extreme weather conditions which would make the courses unsafe.

Please come prepared for the weather. In the winter we recommend thick soled boots, layers and fingerless gloves. We do not allow anyone to work with tools in full fingered gloves unless they have a medical reason for doing so.

In the summer we require covered feet, no sandals please, and recommend a hat and suncream.

  • Do you sell gift vouchers?

Yes, you can buy gift cards through our booking partners Obby.co.uk. These are valid on over 2500 classes available on the Obby site, including all London Green Wood courses. Gift cards can only be redeemed through Obby.co.uk and will not work on bookings through our own website (the commission is different). Gift cards are valid for 1 year. If you have any queries about gift cards please contact hello@obby.co.uk directly.

If you are buying a course as a gift for someone we recommend you come together, it’s more fun that way. We also recommend that you book a space on a specific course date rather than buy a gift card to avoid disappointment, as some of our courses book up several months in advance.

  • Do you do private courses?

Yes we do, however depending on group size these will be more expensive than our usual courses. More information at the bottom of our courses page. If you are interested in a private booking please get in touch at least 6 weeks in advance.

We also offer sessions for scout groups and other youth groups, kids parties and run family whittling activities at community events. Contact us for more information.

  • Do you have sessions for children and young people?

Yes, see our Family Courses for 6-8yr olds and 9-18yr olds. These courses are for kids and young people to come accompanied by an adult who will supervise and work with them at all times, each course space is for 1 adult and 1 child to attend together. We recommend that parents/ carers join the course so that they can keep their child safe when whittling at home and be confident in their child’s abilities to work with knives and wood.

If you have more than 1 child/ young person we require a 1-to-1 adult:child ratio for your first visit, after this speak to the tutor to see if you would feel confident to supervise more than 1 child.

Please bring your child to a session for the correct age range, even if they are almost 6/ 9 yrs old. We have designed these sessions for their age, size and attention span, bringing a child that is too young can be unsafe and also frustrating for them.

  • Can I bring a teenager to your adult classes?

No, the minimum age for our adult classes is 18yrs. Once a person has reached the minimum age required to buy a knife, they can join our courses. See our current Projects, which sometimes included funded projects for young people.

  • Do you take commissions?

Occasionally members of our cooperative take on commissions. If you would like to commission a piece of work please contact us with as much detail as you can provide, including your timeframe and budget. Please be aware that members are more likely to take on one-off projects than ongoing piece work, and that handmade work is more expensive than factory produced or imported options.