Guest Tutors

Guest Tutors
(courses with master craftspeople)

We like to support craftspeople working outside of London to access the huge number of people on our doorstep, so we offer the use of our workshop to others to run courses from. This year we have invited:

Adam Hawker
Spoon Carving, Kolrosing & Chip Carving

Internationally reknowned spoon carver, teacher and a proper spoon obsessive if ever there was one, Adam taught at our workshop in March 2019 and will be back in September 2020 to teach Chip Carving & Kolrosing and his distinctive and much admired style of Spoon Carving.

Kolrosing and Chip Carving- Friday 18th and Sunday 20th September

Kolrosing is a traditional Scandinavian decorative technique where single incised cuts are made to create a pattern, the spoon is then oiled and a colourant rubbed into the incisions and once burnished the pattern is sealed in.

Chip Carving is a style of carving in which a knifes is used to remove small chips of wood in a single piece, patterns can be free form or based on a geometric pattern. Chip carving can also be used for lettering.

On this half day course you will learn the techniques of kolrosing including how to lay out a pattern, execute neat cuts, oil and how to add colourant before burnishing. The workshop will also cover chip carving, where you’ll learn various techniques and several simple patterns/designs.

Spoon carving with Adam Hawker- Saturday 19th September

Adam’s spoon carving addiction has grown over the years and he has had the privilege to learn from some of the finest spoon makers across the globe. Carving spoons, focusing on the small details that make each one different has become a meditation.

On this one day course you will learn how to safely use the axe, knife and hook knife, what to look for when selecting wood, spoon design and how to carve with confidence. Hopefully you’ll also soak up the love and passion Adam has for making these everyday functional, yet exceptional, objects.

Adrian Lloyd
Bowl Turning & Ash Splint Basket Weaving

Adrian brought his herd of 8 bowl lathes down from Cumbria in October 2018 and 2018, to teach bowl turning to the city folk. With the support that Adrian has given us we are now able to teach bowl turning within the LGW coop and launched our own courses in 2020. Currently there are no other places in London to learn bowl turning on a treadle lathe.

We’re still hoping to get Adrian back down to the big smoke one day to teach us how to pound ash and weave ash splint baskets.