London Green Wood is a members-run and not-for-profit cooperative with around 50 members.

Outside of courses and partnership projects, the workshop is only available for use by members of the cooperative, or guests of coop members.

Workshop hours

The workshop is open to members:

  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday (usually a couple each month)

The workshop is only open during the day. There is no formal teaching but there are people around to advise. Tools and wood are provided.

How to join the LGW cooperative

All prospective members are recommended to join our Introduction to the LGW Workshop course. Unless you are a very experienced green woodworker you will be asked to join this course before applying to become a member of the workshop.

Annual membership fees

  • Full fee £150.
  • Low income £100.
  • Unwaged £50.
  • Free membership for refugees and asylum seekers with no recourse to public funds.

Coop membership

Membership of our cooperative is open to anyone who:

  • is 18 years old and over; is physically and mentally able to work safely and independently in the workshop;
  • has sufficient woodwork skills to be able to work safely and independently in the workshop (this is usually through joining our Introduction to the LGW Workshop course);
  • and supports the aims of LGW.

We aim to meet four times per year including an AGM. In accordance with the cooperative principle of democratic member control, each member shall have one vote on any question to be decided in a general meeting. There is no obligation to attend any meetings, however we hope that members will attend general meetings and take an active interest in the operation and development of the cooperative and its business.

Benefits of membership

  • Use of the workshop, tools and wood.
  • Special courses and skill-sharing sessions run by members for members.
  • Discounted courses, to encourage members to further develop we offered a members discount on our courses.
  • Bringing friends and family, members may bring and supervise a friend or family member to use the workshop at a rate of £5/day.
  • Insurance, LGW insurance covers members to teach or demonstrate on a not-for-profit basis at any venue in the UK (speak to us for more information first).

Other opportunities for members

  • Members who are able to take responsibility for keeping workshop users and the public safe, and commit to opening the workshop during a regular slot can apply to the Directors to become keyholders.
  • Members can take on Tutor paid role on a freelance basis, to teach LGW courses.
  • All members are invited to contribute to the development of the cooperative through attending meetings or by joining the Administrative Board.
  • Members can stand for election to become a Director of LGW.

More information:
See our Members’ Handbook.