Spoon Carving, Kolrosing & Chip Carving with Adam Hawker

Master spoon carver Adam Hawker
guest tutor at the London Green Wood

London Green Wood are very excited to welcome Adam Hawker as a guest tutor at the workshop, all the way from Dorset, in London for one weekend only!

Saturday 30th & Sunday 31th March 2019

About Adam

After spending ten years swinging from trees as an arborist and tree surgeon, Adam decided he needed a job where he could keep both feet firmly on the ground whilst still being a part of the woodland around me.

Having previously studied engineering woodworking seemed a natural step and working with the natural inclination of the green wood soon developed into a passion.

Adam’s spoon carving addiction has grown over the years and he has had the privilege to learn from some of the finest spoon makers across the globe. Carving spoons, focusing on the small details that make each one different has become a meditation.

Many of Adams spoons have kolrosing decoration, this is a traditional Scandinavian technique where single incised cuts are made to create a pattern, the spoon is then oiled and a colourant rubbed into the incisions and once burnished the pattern is sealed in.

Adam lives in West Dorset, England with his family and works full time for Guy Mallinson’s Crafty Camping, a luxury woodland campsite where he teaches various greenwood working skills. In his spare time Adam carves spoons to sell on his own website.

Spoon carving course

You will learn how to safely use the axe, knife and hook knife, what to look for when selecting wood, spoon design and how to carve with confidence. Hopefully you’ll also soak up the love and passion Adam has for making these everyday functional, yet exceptional, objects.

Your spoons will be made from green wood (i.e. before it has dried), sourced locally. Carved using simple hand tools, each spoon will be unique. You’ll go home with a wooden spoon which is an appealing organic alternative to metal cutlery.

Kolrosing & Chip Carving course

You will learn the techniques of kolrosing including how to lay out a pattern, execute neat cuts, oil and how to add colourant before burnishing.

The workshop will also cover chip carving, where you’ll learn various techniques and several simple patterns/designs.

If you have have any suitable knives please bring them with you. If you want to decorate any spoons bring them along, otherwise we will be practicing on prepared boards. No previous spoon carving experience is necessary.